First impressions matters a lot when it comes to selling your home. To prepare for open house viewings, our selling house cleaning service providers in New Orleans pay cautious attention to all the details: we tidy any clutter and make surfaces shine. You’ll be sure to impress the home buyers.

When a home is for sale, our main goal is to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Many buyers can’t see past the clutter.

And we all know, getting your home as clean as possible is the key to selling any home. And it will pay off! Call us today to schedule your cleaning appointment.

Dial-A-MAID Cleaning Services
At Dial-A-MAID, we understand that someone has to take care of your house chores while you’re at work. And this should be someone you can trust. Our experienced, reliable Dial-A-Maid teams will handle all your cleaning needs….leaving you more time to do the things you want to do and enjoy your family and friends.


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