Our one-time and as-needed cleanings are great, thorough deep cleans to help you jump start your healthy lifestyle. Review the categories below to find out more about what we do when we clean your home.

One-time Cleaning – Looking for a good thorough cleaning, and need dependable and quality service? Not a problem. Just call and book an appointment for our team to clean your home until it shines; that’s what we call a one-time cleaning, the best cleaning service in New Orleans

As-Needed Cleaning – We’ve previously cleaned for you. You call us because your kids are back to school or you’re hosting your family and friends for the holidays, and you need a top-to-bottom cleaning. That’s an as-needed cleaning. There is no recurring service schedule in place and we will always try to accommodate your request.

Dial-A-MAID Cleaning Services
At Dial-A-MAID, we understand that someone has to take care of your house chores while you’re at work. And this should be someone you can trust. Our experienced, reliable Dial-A-Maid teams will handle all your cleaning needs….leaving you more time to do the things you want to do and enjoy your family and friends.


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